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Services – Seven Finances

Compliance and AML Support

7F’s specialists are skilled problem solvers in international regulatory affairs, regulatory due diligence and AML specialists
7F team members have extensive research and regulatory experience in various types of financial services and industries. 7F provides services to organisations facing Compliance Challenges. Specifically it offers services for the effective fight against Money Laundering, preparation of Compliance programmes, development of policies and procedures, preparing and on-going maintenance of man

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DPO Services

Many organisations, particularly smaller ones, may find that the DPO’s responsibilities are a challenge to deliver, given the breadth of knowledge required of data processing and data security operations. The GDPR allows organisations to outsource the DPO role to an external provider. Outsourcing DPO tasks and duties to a managed service provider means you get access to expert advice and guidance that helps you address the GDPR’s compliance demands while staying focused on your business activities.

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Crypto 101

Cryptocurrencies are fascinating, useful, and profitable – but complicated. New people hear about cryptocurrencies every day, but for many, the topic seems too difficult to comprehend. The 7F team will help you cover the essentials of getting started in the crypto space. Whether you want to invest in cryptocurrencies, trade them, use them, or even mine them, there are some basic steps that will help you immensely. Following our advice will help you avoid common mistakes and drastically cut your learning curve.

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Risk Analysis

Our state of the art algorithms analyse the strengths & weaknesses within projects and detect any patterns between our database of high risk ICOs and any upcoming ones faster than any human being ever will. We outline a machine learning approach to separate the scams from legitimate projects. This is achieved by analysing over 4,000 ICO projects, where we correlate the life span and the price change of a digital currency with various levels of its ICO information, including its white papers, founding team, GitHub repository, website, etc.

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Website Development

Our team is based in Limassol, Cyprus. It is composed of capable designers and creatives from various fields, so our work always has a unique taste. Excellence is our standard, not our goal; therefore we offer ground breaking, out of the box solutions. Our mission is to develop elegant and affordable web solutions that enable small to large businesses to establish visibility online, increase sales, and improve productivity

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Crypto Exchanges and Wallets 85%
Forex and Investment Firms 88%
Web Development 95%

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