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Compliance and AML Support – Seven Finances

Compliance and AML Support

Service Overview

7F’s specialists are skilled problem solvers in international regulatory affairs, regulatory due diligence and AML specialists and have extensive research and regulatory experience in various types of financial services and industries.

7F provides services to organisations facing Compliance Challenges. Specifically it offers services for the effective fight against Money Laundering, preparation of Compliance programmes, development of policies and procedures, preparing and on-going maintenance of manuals, design and implementation of training, and application of KYC (Know Your Customer and CDD (Customer Due Diligence) measures. The services do not stop here as 7F can also assist as well with matters related to trading platforms, software and several other aspects behind the technology. Below is a non-exhaustive list of the services that 7F can offer:

  • Compliance Health Checks
  • Develop and implement an effective compliance program
  • Compliance Reviews and Assessments
  • AML Risk Assessment
  • Create sound internal controls and monitor adherence to them
  • Draft and revise company policies
  • Pro-inspection processes, practices and documents to identify weaknesses
  • Evaluate business activities (e.g. investments) to assess compliance risk
  • Set plans for managing crisis or compliance violation
  • Educate and inform staff on regulations and industry practices as well as Do’s and Don’t’s
  • Answer staff compliance inquiries
  • Assisting with identifying with what, if any, financial or insurance regulation may apply to a client’s proposed business and with preparation and implementation of resulting business plans and regulatory applications;
  • Assistance and advocacy at meetings between service providers and regulators, both in relation to client structures and the provider businesses themselves;
  • Preparing contractual documentation for the sale, purchase or transfer of management control of financial and insurance regulated businesses and liaising with the relevant regulators, including upon the merger of licensed entities;
  • Advising on anti-money laundering regulation in relation to regulated and designated businesses;
    Undertaking anti-money laundering and other compliance checks on clients, to assist service providers conducting enhanced due diligence and increase the acceptability of clients.

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